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Real estate transactions in the public sector must navigate a complex series of compliance- and oversight-related concerns. We understand the unique pressures public agencies face and offer optimized services that deliver value while meeting all reporting demands.

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There is no replacement of experience in public agency real estate representation. For decades, we’ve been helping federal, state and local governments make moves that make sense. See how we can help.

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Overcoming Red Tape

We understand the regulatory matters that public agencies need to handle, from the different boards and their specific rules that have to be followed, to reporting requirements, insurance issues, legal needs—the list goes on. At MGO Realty Advisors, we have decades of experience representing public agencies, helping them maintain compliance while delivering properties that meet their needs.

Getting Value

At MGO Realty Advisors, we don’t provide the run-of-the-mill advice that others firms offer. We partner with one of the leading State and Local Government accounting firms in the nation. Together we offer proprietary market research, accounting services, and deep industry knowledge that helps our public agency clients find the right property, stay within budget, and meet all regulatory and reporting requirements

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Getting Public Agencies Where They Need to Go

By leveraging both industry experience and internal resources, we help public agencies navigate their unique needs and goals. To find out how we can help your public agency or government institution, contact us today.

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