Real estate is a numbers game. Whether buying, selling, leasing, or developing, the numbers must add up before, during, and after a transaction. Through our partnership with dynamic accounting firm MGO, we go beyond expectations and deliver real value.

A Step

Progressive tax planning, deep analytics, and value-added perspective are essential to maintaining a high value asset portfolio. MGO Realty Advisors offers a deep bench of accounting expertise from the professionals at MGO to help you overcome any challenge.

Unparalleled Insight

Win the Numbers Game

In the real estate industry, leaders must continually work to maximize operating income and asset value. Advanced accounting support and data analytics are central to going beyond the surface to uncover real value. The team at MGO Realty Advisors and MGO can help you manage risk, seize opportunities, and understand potential financial impact with a spectrum of critical tax, advisory, and assurance solutions.

Versatility that Matters

When you work with MGO Realty Advisors, you are getting a trusted partner who will listen to your goals and help you get there. Our partnership with MGO allows us to offer a suite of CPA and Advisory services that typical real estate firms cannot match. Whether you need due diligence on a potential sale, analysis on a prospective investment, or help with an upcoming audit—we can help.

Accounting Solution Services

Accounting Solution Services

Financial Statement Audits
Regulated Real Estate Project Audits
Real Estate Investment Company Audits
Special-Purpose Audits - Operating and Certification
Due Diligence
Operational Agreed-Upon Procedures Reports
Reviews and Compilations
Due Diligence
Acquisition Due Diligence, Disposition and Financing
Strategic Investment Analysis
Lease Consulting and Abstracting
Cash Flow Modeling
Property and Portfolio Purchase and Sale Closings

Going Beyond the Typical

Whether you are a first time buyer or a landlord with multiple properties, we have resources and industry experience to provide the guidance you need to deliver value throughout your portfolio. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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