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Real estate value is not only measured in dollars, but also in the impact it has on the people who live, breathe, and work there. Spaces shape behavior, inspire productivity, and build community. Your properties, whether you own or lease, should reflect the world as you see it – and deliver results to your bottom line.

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We help people, investors, companies, and government agencies get the most value out of their real estate holdings. How can we help optimize and grow your portfolio?

Vision, Data & Performance

At MGO Realty Advisors, we take a proactive approach to real estate markets that is simultaneously personal and universal. Personal, because we don’t just match investors and developers or occupiers of space to buildings or land. We get to know our clients so we understand where you’re coming from, and where you’re going – and we build transactions and relationships to align with your vision.

Our approach is universal because we understand that properties don’t exist in a vacuum: context and culture matter. What could be down the block in ten years may be as important and valuable as what is next door today. We give you the full picture so your deal structures and properties deliver real, lasting value.

Driven by Analytics

While vision motivates the direction, concrete data drives service delivery – before and long after the deal. We’ve partnered with MGO, one of the most dynamic and versatile CPA and advisory firms in the nation, to provide a comprehensive suite of real estate services. We deliver strategic guidance, proprietary market research, technical tax and accounting support, and technology tools to manage lease administration and regulatory compliance – all powered by innovative thinking and collaborative problem-solving.

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The team at MGO Realty Advisors is proud to take a unique approach to the real estate market. See what motivates us, the kinds of properties we support, and our guidance on attaining real value.


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Over 30 years of real estate market expertise focused on delivering results.

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We represent investors and companies and governments that use and occupy all types of commercial real estate. We help buy, sell, lease, sublease, option, leverage, and manage real estate portfolios.
Our clients come to us with goals, objectives, and questions. Together, we build and execute a real estate strategy to get them where they want to be.

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